I Need You For My Whole Life.. U are My HeartBeat... Still Loving U

A Conversation with a teen boy and girl. They've started talking again, they've broke up for 3 months. Girl goes online on Facebook chat

Boy- Hey , I've been thinking about you alot. I really missed you. You were all I Thought About,
I was going crazy. I Miss you no one can replace, your spot. Babe, please. I Need you and only You

Girl- Doesn't type anything. Re-reads the message over and over again. She feels her heart melting 

Boy- Babe. . . . Sends her this song, " Big Sean , Love Story"

Girl- Clicks on the Link and goes offline. Looks up the lyrics and practices them, Stays up all day trying to Learn the lyrics.

Boy- thinks in his head."I Love You so much". Goes to her Facebook page and stares at her profile picture, Crying. Memories Flash Back

Girl- Practices the song, singing the girl part only.

The Next Day - Knock Knock

Boy looks through his window, Trying to hide his tears from her.

Girl- May I Come In?

Boy- Yes . . .

Girl - Walks slowly to his laptop, notices tears on the side of his Keyboard, and looks at his tabs. The Boy Had Her Facebook page opened and just that. Looks over to the side notices the boy on the couch Sobbing. She Goes on youtube and puts on the song, She Walks close to him, and she sings it to him
Boy - Stops and stares at her, a big smile comes to his face. You sing so beautiful, I dont think no else's voice could ever compare to yours. You sing really beautiful. I really missed you. I Spent all night thinking about you. I Didn't sleep at all. I Felt like i couldn't breathe cause you were away from me. I Want . .

Girl- You back. I Spent all night,
  I Havent slept ever since. I Miss you.

Boy- I thought you didnt want me, I thought you didnt want to talk to me.

Girl- I Did. I Missed you more than anything in this world. There was not one day where you werent off my mind.

Boy- Then why didnt you try to talk to me?

Girl- I Was waiting for you to do that.

Boy- Can you sit next to me?

Girl - Walks over to boy and sits next to him rests her head on his shoulder. trys her best not to fall asleep

Boy - Stares at her admiring her beauty. Smiles, puts his arm around her & whispers in her ear while girl is asleep " I'm never gonna let you go" hugs her tight and falls asleep with her..... :) :) :) 
♥ babee i need you for my whole life..you are my heartbeat...still loving you ♥

LIKE if u liike this story its very heart touching story
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