Every Human Must Read This..

The physically disabled are excluded from numerous parts of society. A major place where they are excluded from is buildings that can’t accommodate them because they don’t have the ramps that need to be used and things like that. Since buildings aren’t ready for them then people who are physically disabled have a limited number of places where they can go, which in the end makes them even more marginalized then before.

Another place in society where they are excluded from is the work place. People aren’t supposed to judge someone and not give them a job just because they are disabled. But, it happens anyways. That makes it hard for them to live in their own and become more independent.

The physically disabled are also excluded from doing sports activities when people who aren’t handicapped. This makes it hard for them to participate in activities because they would have to find a place where the disabled can all play together, in like a league, and those might not be very common in some places.

They are also excluded from possibly hanging out with people that aren’t disabled. Others might not want to associate with them or give them a chance to see who they really are behind their disability. That poses as a problem because it’s not fair to judge someone just because they have a disability.

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