Do I need a Reason to be Happy

A 99 year old lady got herself admitted in her old age home since her husband was no more. While she was waiting to get her admission the receptionist informed, "Mam your room is in the 1st floor". Lady responded "Marvelous......"

When the domestic attendant took her to her room in 1st floor through the lift, attendant said stating "Mam, your room is on the North East corner of the building". Lady responded with enthusiasm, "That is Fabulous". Attendant said, "The size of the Room is 8 by 8". Lady again responded, "That is Wonderful"

Puzzled by the responses the lady gave attender asked the lady, "Mam what is so fabulous about North east corner room and wonderful about 8 by 8 room"???

Lady responded, "I have decided myself to be Happy irrespective of the situation I have in my life.
I will do everything out of HAPPINESS and not for HAPPINESS. Remember each day we are progressing one day close to our grave."

The seekers, guru, God, messengers who have walked this planet had faced life with miseries. Life was tough even for immortal souls like Krishna and Christ. You and Me being a mortal soul how could the life promise to be happy all through the days and years to come. But lets be happy and face life with happiness irrespective of the situation we encounter in our life.

"Do I need a Reason to be Happy?"

Stop putting your parents in Oldage HOME,how can u forget wat they did fr u

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