A little Girl and Her Puppy

Story 1:
A little girl whose only love was her pet dog was very dear to her. Her life lied in it.

It had come on its own and suddenly one day it went on its own somewhere. She tried her best to search it, and did not leave any street, pipe unchecked hoping it might be hidden somewhere.

She asked a lady who used to see the dog play with girl every day and on she avoiding to reply her, girl was sure about lady taking pet her home.

She broke her piggy bank and begs lady,weeps to her saying the pet is her life and she wants it back…seeing the girl weep the lady takes her home near the puppy..mentally retarded son of the lady was playing with the pup…and laughing loudly seeing the pet..on lady taking back puppy to give that little girl the boy wiped so loud and was struggling to keep the pet with him..the little girl was stunned at the scene…
She thought she can still live without her love but she couldn't see the boy cry.

She thinks mental retardant must be so painful and only happiness if he is getting by being with that puppy then he deserves it than she does..

she started walking towards home seeing her puppy with tear filled eye..and says it was not her pet…such a sacrifice from such a little girl is truly inspirational..

Story 2: 


Once a stray dog while searching for food came to a butcher's shop. There he got a bone with some meat on it. So, he lifted it and ran to a safe place to enjoy it at ease.

He chewed the bone for a very long time and this made him quite thirsty. So, he went to a river to quench his thirst. It took the bone along, as it was worried that some other dog might not take it away.

As the dog stood on a bridge across the river, it looked around to see if it could safely put the bone down while it quenched its thirst.

By chance, he saw his reflection in the water from over the bridge. He could not follow that it was his shadow. Rather, he thought it to be another dog with a bone in his mouth.

Being greedy by nature, he wanted that bone too. So, he barked at the other dog, hoping to scare it into giving it that bone. But alas! The bone that he held in its mouth fell into the river.

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